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Impact of Having Penpal Relationship with Prisoners
This is an avenue developed to make prisoners stay connected to the world outside the walls of prison. In correctional facilities, inmates do not access internet over the phone and communication is restricted to letters . If you want to make new friends prison penpal is your go to avenue. To use this service, you create a profile on Affordable inmate calling service for free and you will be visible for friends to find and connect with you. Most prisoners who turn to this service are the once with a high likelihood of spending quite some time in the cells. The inmates are charged a small fee to set up the profile while behind bars,or request their friends and family to do the same. Having friends outside the prison walls has many benefits which include.
Instills good behavior. Most of the time, inmates in jail are idle because there are no programs set up. While writing, prisoners exchange news with their pals hence getting the best of both worlds. Therefore, time spent writing leads to improved character of an inmate leading to successful rehabilitation. Time passes quickly in the process because the inmates are happier.
Lead to good interaction. If an inmate is lucky to connect with good people, they are likely to help him or her with challenges they encounter when the sentence is over. Most of the time, when convicted felons are released from jail, the society is not very welcoming to them and someone who offers to help is very useful.
It’s a haven of new opportunities. When the time to go home comes, a prisoner encounters many obstacles trying to adjust. Finding a good job to support your family if you had one before being incarcerated becomes difficult. However, if you make good connections with trustworthy individuals, they can help you secure a job faster. If you like to progress in your studies, your friends can help you secure a place and raise some fees. It would be unlikely for any person to partake in crime given any life changing opportunity.
Source of encouragement. If for instance an inmate has been neglected by his or her family, taking some off to genuinely talk to such a person gives them hope that all is not lost. Consequently, a prisoner feels more accepted, given that someone believes in their ability to become a better individual. Prisoners who are in jail for the rest of their days are inspired to lead a gracious life even if they will never get out. Inmates are happy when their pal comes to meet them and talk in their correctional facility.
It improves reading and writing skills.