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Making a Horror Movie

Since film cam into existence horror film has also been there. This is a film genre that try to exploit fear in n interesting way. the scenes, soundtracks and make up that makes it very unique are what makes it become a horror film. Today there are very many sub genres of horror because it can be blended with other genres to make up a very creative element of it.

This has been able to keep the audience entertained and glued to their screens. An example of such is drama and horror, action and horror, western and horror and many more. Horror has also come a long way and today we have animated horror movies. This has provided everything that the audience needs to get thrilled and become very entertained as much as they would love to. The following is how you can make an interesting horror film.

When making any horror film there are key components that will keep the audience moved. These are the things that will make it qualify to be called a horror film. There are those things that the people who are watching are always looking for in the film. The story line is always the main thing. This is the very thing that will keep them watching the film even though they might be tempted t stop. A horror script has t be very interesting to the audience. This is always done by making the characters very moving with good dialogue. The decisions that they make should be much unexpected and the audience should not be able to predict the next thing.

There should be an element of believability in each and every film. What the story is portraying should be able to be retaliated with what happens in real life. This is why horror films invest so much in a makeup artist. The makeup is what will make the audience believe what is going on in the film. The audience always like when the scenes are very bloody. Make up and visual effects get blended to make it more realistic.

The most important thing that will keep your audience moved is the sound. The sound has to be of a very good quality. Starting with the dialogue at the production stage, make sure it is very clear. At the post production stage add very epic soundtrack. This is very important to any horror film. It is what will make the audience believe and even get moved with the story. The interesting thing about horror films is always the scary soundtracks. The placement should be at the right place so that they can come at the right moment.