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9 Types of purses That are Trending in 2019

Matching with the current fashion trend is always good. Matching with the trend applies for both clothes and bags. If you have been carrying around one handbag for so long its your time to change. Most people dont take it serious when it comes to bags. They just get a single handbag and stick to it for many years. In 2019 things have changed. In this case bags of different colors are trending. If you dont try the new purse look you will feel out of fashion. When you go to the market you will get cheap bags. You dont need to go for the expensive designer handbags that you cant afford. Getting affordable bags will help you in have different kind of bags to match all the looks instead of having that one expensive black bag.

Furry fabric is one of the top picks for the 2019 purse trend. In the 90s furry bags were a funny trend. In this case you can improve the faux fur bag in softened color. In this case matching with different colors will be easy for a fashion lover. Bucket bag is another 2019 pick. You will have to rock with different shapes in 2019. Since 2018 bucket bags have been trending. The trend is currently picking up. There are bucket bags designed with less structures. In this case the current designers are focusing on making bags which are more structured.

You can also rock with a duffle bag in 2019. The duffle bag shape is structured more in leather. This kind of bags in 2019 trend. Designers like Calvin Klein and Versace are showing this bags in their fashion shows. Belt bags are also trending in 2019. This are trends are not meant for everyone. You can wear a belt bag around your waist and rock the look. You can also make it easier by throwing it over your shoulder and carry like a normal purse.

See trough bags have been shown in many runways. This is not the most practical trend in the world. Many people are not familiarized with them. A see through bag should always be kept clean. Make sure that you have organized well whatever is inside your bag. In everyone’s eyes this will look very neat. In this case box shapes look unique in black and brown leather bags. In many runways box shaped bags are being shown. Box shapes are available in all colors and patterns. You can also rock 2019 with a crotchet trend. This trends were so common in the 60s. Big totes are also trending in 2019. They can accommodate many things since they are spacious.