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There Is Beauty in Protecting Elephants

Elephants are one of the beauties of wildlife and they should be protected by all means possible. Nevertheless, there are so many people who instead of protecting elephants get to participate in elephant hunting and poaching. This has become a prevailing problem and threat to the elephant family in Africa. Today, there are organizations established and these organizations are protecting elephants and you need to join hands with them hence saying no to elephant poaching and killing. This article helps you acknowledge some fundamental considerations to make and these considerations will make it possible for you to protect elephants.

The rates for elephant killings are skyrocketing and there is always need for you to comprehend these rates hence saying no to the killings. Generally, only some few countries in Africa have elephants. Nevertheless, 4 decades ago, there were more than one million elephants but today, there are only some few tens of thousands. Elephants are being killed in a rapid rate and this rate is so high that even when the elephants reproduce, they can never merge the gap. You are therefore obligated with the task of marching forward to saying no to the killings of elephants recorded today. You should therefore never be found killing an elephant either for money or for fun or for any other reason whatsoever.

The reason why there is an increased number of elephant killings is due to the increased demand for ivory. Elephants are therefore killed in the pursuit of meeting the demand available. Populaces need to abhor animal trafficking and this is where a person gets to settle for the legal ways of doing things. Ivory trade has been banned by many governments and the ivories that are being trafficked are done so illegally and in the black markets.

When ivory is carved, it becomes appealing to the eyes availing a sophistication appearance and many people love these carvings. It is where you say no to owning and having ivory products and carvings that you become a loyal ambassador of protecting elephants. Where the demand for ivory reduces, elephant killings will reduce significantly.

Lastly, you should always understand that organizations protecting elephants worldwide are non-governmental and they are not profit making and they demand on your good and kind gesture to become fully functional. These organizations have to run errands, have to fund their workers and staff who work together with governments in ensuring that game parks and forests where elephants inhabit are always taken care and your kind donations make this a possibility.

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